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About  Us

Since 2020, AFOS CONNEXION established and aims to connect with the community through our productions; to promote different types of global music and dance; to offer programs, workshops and performances through music and dance; to promote traditional African drum and dance culture; to expose to local music and dance, and understand and recognise the traditional culture. Be inherited.


© Copyright by AFOS Connexion


Fölöko is founded by two independent artists since 2020

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Alex Fode CHEUNG

Co-Founder/Independent Musician

Alex Fode Cheung currently is a percussionist and Traditional African drummer. He has participated in different orchestras as a performer. In 2010, he attained Grade 8 Percussion from Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and later he took up Traditional West African Drums. In 2013 and 2019, Cheung has travelled to Guinea, Africa to have a further study with masters.


His work focuses on education teaching  in primary and secondary schools, special schools ,music centres and perform for different orchestras and shows.

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Ophey Sankofa CHAN

Co-Founder/Independent Dancer

Chan currently works as an independent producer and dancer. She was trained in ballet and street dance, and later took up Jamaica Dancehall training in Kingston, Jamaica in 2015. In the same year, she also trained in traditional African dance.  Chan has become an apprentice member of a traditional West African dance group in Asia since 2015 and attained a certified African dance instructor in 2017. CHAN has travelled to foreign countries for dance exchange and performances. 2019-2020, she travelled to Guinea, Africa to further study with different masters. Chan continues to explore traditional African dance and different dance genres.

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