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Project & Production

Performance Project 2021
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[Fölöko ・Back to the Heart] 2.0

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African Drum Workshop

African Dance Workshop


'Fölöko ・ Back to the Heart"

Traditional West African Drum & Dance Experience Day


Enjoying music in the unique way under the sun, with traditional West African drum and dance performances and workshops for public playing. Let’s experience the cultural diversity of the continent far away.


2021 Traditional West African Drum & Dance Video Shooting Project

Music Directed - Alex Fode Cheung | Art Directed - Ophey Sankofa Chan

Fölöko Team Member - Alex Fode Cheung |  Ophey Sankofa Chan | Carmen Cheung

Project involved Dancers : Carmen Suen, Emilia Yeung | Drummers: Samuel, Solomon
Videography -  Asa Poon | V
ideo Editing - Alex Cheung | Costume Designed - Ophey Chan

Special Thanks to the Venue Support of the Warehouse Teenage Club

2020 Traditional African Drum & Dance Performance Highlight

Produced in May 2020 

Art Directed by Ophey Sankofa Chan

Music Directed by Alex Fode Cheung

Performance by Fölöko

For Enquiry, please contact us.

The concept of self-creation was produced due to the COVID-19 and social restirction,  which was staged internally for the purpose of experimentation.

LCSD performance 2020.jpg

Lunar New Year Lantern Carnivals 2020
(Programme Cancelled)

Performance - Fölöko

7.2.2020 (Friday) 9:15pm

In order to reduce the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus in the community, the performances were cancelled.

For more information, please visit the Official website.

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